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This collection includes tour descriptions, lesson plans, images, and enrichment activities that can be used in the museum or classroom. If you want to request a tour, please complete this request form. You will be directed to a different UMMA website.

Pre-Visit Materials

Two girls, depicted in bold geometric shapes and block colors, reading a book together. The figure seated at viewer's right, slightly taller, is green and wearing yellow. The figure at viewer's left has a face of blue and white and is clothed in red resting her clasped hands upon an open book.

Visit UMMA: Curricular Tour Descriptions for Teachers

Bust-length portrait of a woman with grey hair in a cream colored dress seated in a red chair with a view of the landscape to right of figure seen through an illusionistic stone oval window or oculus.

Post-Visit Materials


Math + Art Enrichment Activities


Writing + Art Enrichment Activities


Language Learning


Lesson Plans


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